*EX* MAC 1 by Gallitos Farms

*EX* MAC 1 by Gallitos Farms


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Hybrid 50/50

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M.A.C. 1 is considered a 50/50 hybrid of sativa and indica, making it one of the best-balanced strains available with effects that are incredibly difficult to replicate. It offers the best aspects of sativa and indica. Users experience the burst of euphoria and creativity often found in sativa, as well as the relaxing principles often associated with Indica. Some report feeling that this strain is indica leading, but that both effects can be felt. The impact typically depends on the individual and their level of tolerance and frequency of use.

The M.A.C. 1 strain is quickly becoming a favorite option for top shelf cannabis around the country, and for good reason. User reviews note that the strain makes them feel euphoric, happy, and uplifted. Negative aspects are rarely mentioned, and when they are, users focus on dry mouth and dry eyes, which are common side effects for nearly every cannabis strain. M.A.C. 1 is an ideal choice for users who are looking for peace of mind and relief from the day-to-day grind.

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