Welcome to Top Fuel Delivery! We are an online medicinal marijuana collective serving the State of California. We offer immediate local deliveries to Woodcrest, Mission Grove, Lake Mathews, Gavilan Hills, Moreno Valley & Surrounding Areas. Sorry, we do not accept customers outside of California or our local delivery area.

Our purpose as a traditional  collective is to connect you to the finest medicine we can find in California. We grew tired of visiting collective after collective, not finding quality strains and needing to join some temple or quasi-religious organization just to get in. Gone are those days. Here are the days of quality products delivered right to your door. Unfortunately, also gone are the days of actually being seen as a medical patient. Technically the only time you need a recommendation is if you are under the age of 21 years. No matter how you cut it, California has done away with the MMJ patient unless you are state approved.

It is our goal to provide you with medicine that will make a difference and improve your daily life. As patients we have tried countless collectives and countless strains. We have had countless disappointments. So please know you are smoking the same meds we are smoking. Please feel free to call us and discuss our inventory and what you need best to improve your day.

Our online store allows you to sit back, relax and order your meds in the comfort of your own home. We accept cash only for our local deliveries. We try to provide visible love in all of the packages we dispense. Our loyalty program is designed to reward our patients by providing discounts, coupons and points for each purchase. Our main goal is to improve your day and get you meds that make you feel like you scored. We all like to score… remember those days?

Trust in TopFuel Delivery for unparalleled quality, reliability, and discretion. We take pride in our commitment to providing you with the highest quality products and a professional, secure delivery service. We specialize in bringing you the finest selection of exotic weed and top-quality OZ cannabis. Join our exclusive 420 Club for special discounts and members-only perks. With exceptional customer service and discreet delivery, we ensure a seamless experience. Trust in TopFuel Delivery for premium products and a convenient, reliable service.

Please take a moment to review the FAQs and thanks for visiting. We hope to score you some nugz in the near future!


For you to receive the order you placed, we need the following – NO EXCEPTIONS:

A picture of your valid California ID, passport or state issued ID.

A picture of you holding the ID so we can see it is actually you.

A valid medical recommendation if you are under 21.

Your delivery address must match your ID on your first order. If you just moved here and your ID is different from your address, please provide a piece of mail that has your name and the address. The mail cannot be hand written, it must be a bill or something to that effect.

First Time Patients (FTP) Discounts –

Choose either 10% off  or free *PR* flower (spend $50 get 1/8 – spend $100 get 1/4)

Spend $50 and get a Top Fuel FTP gift bag!



We do not want to be a first time patient only collective. Our goal is to provide you with long time service. This happens through communication. If you need something we do not have, let us know. As we do our best to provide high quality medications, we must acknowledge that not all medicines align with patients. What works for me, might not work for you. Trust us when we say we smoke a lot of medicine. If it does not hit our standards, it is rejected. We review quality, presentation, and price so we can share the best medicines available. We also have patients test out concentrates before we take on a new brand.
Delivery and Order Minimums – We will inform you based on your delivery address.
Our Process:

You contact us to place an order, we take the order and check inventory confirming we have the product, we confirm your order total.

Once the order total is confirmed, the order is sent to fulfillment and you will be given a time the driver is expected to pick up the orders. Once the order is fulfilled, it is logically placed in order for delivery. Once the Driver picks up the orders for delivery, he will provide your place in line. He will text you an ETA and updates.

LOGICAL DELIVERY ORDER – This means orders are placed in line based on speed of deliverability. The system optimizes a route for the driver to take based on where every one lives.

Currently our delivery times are between 15 min – 20 min per delivery. PLEASE BE READY FOR YOUR ORDER – IT SPEEDS UP THE ENTIRE PROCESS.

First orders go out at 11:30 am. We try and make our deliveries as they come in, so times can be very quick depending on the time of day. Weather and traffic always, always affect delivery times.

If you have a referral you must call it in. We will verify with the new patient and credit you with a free gram of your choice.

Have your referral mention your name while they are verifying their medical or recreational credentials, and we can compensate you with a free gram of your choice for your next delivery.

If you are anywhere else in the world other than California, the answer is no. Sorry.
You have 24 hours to inspect your cart and make sure it works. After 24 hours we cannot be responsible for anything that happens, it is up to you to take care of it. Sometimes carts stop working, luckily our house carts are refillable and the oil can be removed. Others may not be.
There are limited returns for some products, like for defective carts as an example. Melon Tree has a manufacturer guarantee on all of their products. Otherwise, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Why? Ok… let’s be real. These are consumables. Meaning you put your hands and mouth all over these products. Ask yourself… if I told you that someone had your flower at their pad before you got it, how would you feel? That cart, someone else had a bad battery and they returned it after it wouldn’t hit for them, but we got it to work. Would that fly? No. That is the logic behind our no return policy. We do not sell used product.